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Dressing for University Boys in Pakistan


University life is a memorable time of your life, that brings lots of changes in a person’s life. It is a source of self-discovery and grooming. University life greatly impacts improving dressing sense and adds charm to the personality. When I got admission to university my fashion sense was different. It was hilarious when I saw the old pictures. University has greatly changed my fashion choices. dressing for university boys in Pakistan is a combination of both modernity and cultural values. So, Pakistani students mingle the modernity and cultural vibes to create a decent and sober look in the University.

In this article, we will explore the art of dressing in Universities for boys with the touches of popular fashion trends.

Trendy Fashion Ideas:

So firstly, we will discuss dressing for university boys in Pakistan. I have spent four years in university and I know it’s difficult to choose dresses a daily basis, that will give you an elegant look every day. It seems challenging to dress well within your pocket money. I will guide you on how you can look classy and stylish within a low budget.


If you select a T-shirt, it’s a good option. Because firstly You will look stylish in a T-shirt, and secondly, it’s a budget option. You can buy a good T-shirt for 500 to 2000 rupees. Follow the basic fashion rule, for this purpose you should have a black and a white T-shirt in your Wardrobe. its also good to choose simple or printed shirts in black and white colors.

You can pair them with jeans, and chinos, and in winter you can wear a jacket or hoodie over it.

Polo shirts:

If you have a thin physique and feel uneasy with T-shirts due to your thin figure, you can switch to a polo shirt. The collar is used in polo shirts, this will compensate for your thin elongated neck very well. This gives you a mature look, you can not only impress your friends but professors also.

Casual Shirts:

I will recommend you to have two to three casual shirts, you can get a good casual shirt for 1500 to 2000 rupees. But make sure that your shirt should be well-fitted according to your body. It should neither too loose nor too tight.

Check Shirt:

Check shirt is a game changer, these are best for those who want to cover their thin body. A check shirt can balance your thin and lean body. Big shirts will compensate for your oversize, if you are bulkier, you can use small checks.


Pant helps greatly in completing your overall look, but don’t choose skinny-fit pants. It is best to wear narrow-fitted or straight-fitted pants in university.


You should have blue jeans or colored jeans in the basic jeans collection. You can get good jeans for 1000 to 2500 rupees. It’s good to have a light-wash and dark-wash jeans.


Cotton pants are also called chinos. Cotton pants are also one of the best and most comfortable pants. In the same price range, you can try chinos. The biggest benefit of chinos is that you can wear them both formally and casually.

Formal Dressing:

If you have a presentation in university, or you are having an important event you should dress formally. Let’s say you are having a presentation you are well-dressed for your presentation. This will leave a positive impression on professors; they tend to give you good grades or some extra grades, I always gain some extra marks in my university using good dressing techniques. Professors think that you are taking your presentation seriously and sincerely.

For formal dressing, you need to choose formal pants and a formal shirt. But make sure if you are wearing a light-colored shirt, pair it with dark color pants. If you are wearing a dark-colored shirt, wear light-colored pants with it. If your budget allows you, you can wear a nice blazer over it. This will give you a decent and classy look.

Traditional Wear:

Well-fitted kurta Pajama or Shalwar Kameez is a must-have in a Pakistani university dress coat. If you wear Kurta Pajama, or Shalwar Kameez on Friday, I can promise you this will give an impression that you have a high fashion sense.

It’s my recommendation that you should not ignore a traditional outfit.

Kurta with denim:

You can combine cultural and modern dressing, by pairing a well-fitted kurta with denim jeans. Go for neutral colors, for sophistication. and you can choose vibrant colors for bold statements.

Some Common Dressing Mistakes of University Students:

 Mistake #1 Unnecessary Repetition:

First of all, I will tell you to avoid some of the mistakes that I made at the start of my university days. I want to tell you so that you may avoid these mistakes.

Do not repeat the same dress every day. Boys often repeat the same dress when some of their female friends that this dress looks good on them😊. Stop repeating for a full week, this is not a good practice. If you are wearing a shirt, change it with a T-shirt or with a polo shirt on your next day, this will give you an improved and upgraded fashion sense.

Mistake #2 Sandals:

Do not wear Sandals, it is old fashion, these are not in fashion nowadays. So, buy a decent pair of shoes instead of sandals.

Mistake #3 Trousers and Shorts:

Avoid wearing shorts in your university, you should have a bit of a formal touch in your dressing. Because you are not just going to meet your friends, but you have to meet your professors over there. So, it’s not a good practice to wear shorts or trousers at university.

Mistake #4 No Ruff Jeans:

It’s not recommended to wear ruff jeans at university, because it’s an old fashion. And the number two thing is that you are not going to the university to become a bad boy but to study. So, dress accordingly to look decent and sober.

How to Choose Shoes for University Boys?

Shoes have a pivotal role in completing your look, your shoes can describe what kind of dressing sense you have. I always recommend you spend generously on your shoes, you can compromise on your dresses, but you should invest generously in your shoes.


You can invest in a good pair of sneakers, that you can wear with any formal dress. You can wear sneakers with any casual shirt, chinos, t-shirts, or simple or printed shirts.


Loafers are the most versatile shoes that can give you a stylish look that can change your style game. You can wear it with any dress.

Peshawari and Kolapuri Chapel:

As I have told you above to not ignore traditional dressing, Peshawari Chappal is the coolest footwear. You can pair the Kolapuri chappal or Peshawari chappal with your traditional outfits as both of these options will add elegance to your traditional look.


Bags play an important role in improving your look. But at the same time bag can down your look. Backpacks are the best option for university-going boys. Invest in good quality bags, as it is a time investment, you can use these bags for a long time. You should buy a bag that is strong with straps.

Tip: Do not stuff unnecessary things in your bag as heavy bags lose your confidence level.


Use minimal accessories, do not over-accessorize yourself. Use a good quality leather or metal-based wristwatch. This is enough to enhance your look but if you are fond of more accessories. Then you can wear a simple light chain on your neck or a bracelet on your wrist.


What do boys wear at university?

Boys in Pakistan often opt for simple and casual styles, they often love to wear T-shirts, and polo shirts and pair them with well-fitted jeans or chinos.

Dressing for university boys in Pakistan also consists of traditional wear like kurta pajama, kurta shalwar, or Kamiz shalwar. Sometimes they pair this traditional dressing with waistcoats or coats. In accessories, they also prefer to wear a leather or metal watch or some decent chains and bracelets.

How can I look stylish in university?

To look stylish in university, focus on incorporating trendy accessories, and experimenting with versatile outfits. You can express your personal flair through a mix of classic and contemporary pieces. Confidence in your style choices is the ultimate key to standing out effortlessly.

What you should wear to university in Pakistan?

Dressing for university boys in Pakistan is a smart choice would be pairing a well-fitted kurta with denim or opting for polo shirts and chinos for a polished casual look. Women can consider kurtis with palazzo pants or long tops with skinny jeans, complemented by traditional accessories like scarves or dupattas, striking a balance between cultural values and contemporary style.

Can I wear jeans to university?

Yes, you can wear jeans at university.  Jeans are allowed for both girls and boys. You can pair decent jeans with many types of T-shirts and polo shirts.


Dressing for university boys in Pakistan consists of a decent and versatile blend of fashion trends. You can thoughtfully infuse tradition with modernity. In this article, I have explained the best ideas for boys, you can choose your style and express yourself with confidence and sophistication.

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