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Month: November 2023

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  • November, 2023

Exploring Trendy Girls Dressing Style in Pakistan


In the ever-evolving fashion industry, Girls dressing style act as a canvas that represents their unique personalities. So, there is a huge variety of styles available for girls’ dressing you can try anyone of them. Girls dressing style vary from occasion to occasion too. Particularly, Here in this article, we have elaborated on some in-demand and iconic dressing styles for girl that will decode their language of fashion and enhance their confidence.

Traditional Influences on Girly Style:

Pakistan is a land of diverse cultures; this cultural versatility has influenced fashion trends in attractive and beautiful ways. Girls also love to vibe in these colors of traditional influence. Pakistani culture has always been a part of top trends in the form of vibrant hues, embroideries, embellishments, and in the form of cuts and stitches.

Cultural Festivals and Celebrations:

Pakistani girls dressing style is greatly influenced by traditional outfits. Moreover, you can see this on special occasions and on celebrations. Cultural and traditional attire like Shalwar Kameez, and lehenga Choli are the favorite attire of girls. These dresses also connect us to our roots.

Modern Trends:

In these one to two decades Pakistani fashion trends for girls have evolved greatly. This has been influenced by international trends and personal choices and preferences. You can design exactly what you want to. All the unique and classic styles are in demand. You can style classic or fusion, whatever you want. Nothing is out of fashion if you carry it in the right way.

Western Fusion:

Western dresses have also gained popularity these days. Girls’ dressing style now also comprises Western attire. Girls usually tend to use Western dressing by making its fusion with Eastern styles. You can wear tight or loose jeans with Kurtis, with frocks or with short shirts. Long tops with skinny jeans are a good combination for girls who love style and comfort side by side. It is also common to style a loose long or short sweatshirt or T-shirt with traditional trousers.

Palazzo Pants and Culottes:

Palazzo pants and culottes are new and favorite styles for girls. These are not only comfortable but also give a chick look. These wide-legged trousers are best for both formal and casual dressing. You can choose from a variety of fabrics and embellishments. So, you can choose plain, printed, or embellished Palazzos and culottes according to your style. This will give a unique twist to your fashion choices. You can pair them with short shirts or tops.

Long Kurtis with Trousers:

Long Kurta and trousers style paired with poetry-written scarves are new obsessions of girls. In addition, these Long Kurtis are also common with choori pajamas, shalwar, and with loose and normal trousers. You can pick any style of your choice. What’s more nothing is out of fashion. There is a huge variety of styles available with a huge variety of cuts, prints, embroidery work, and embellishment along with a variety of fabrics is available.

Social Media Influencers:

Beside this Social media has greatly affected the living styles, trends, and mindsets of people. So, fashion trends are also greatly under the control of social media influences. fashion trends that are promoted by influencers and bloggers are favorites and part of girls’ dressing styles nowadays.

Which Dress is trending now for girls?

There are a variety of fashions that are trending for girls these days. Knee-length frocks, and shirts, simple or with embellishments are common. A variety of Eastern and Western dresses containing bootcut pants, palazzos, culottes, t-shirts, Anarkali frocks, lehnga choli, sharara, gharara, bell-style sleeves, and bottoms are common.

How to style dresses for Girls?

Try different designs, small and bold prints, with different types of patterns and cuts. You can play with different colors, and pair your dresses with different types of dupattas along with statement jewelry pieces. In this way after trying different fashions, you will come to know which thing suits you well. Choose that style you can make it your statement style. Do not forget to pair suitable shoes with your outfit. Moreover, this will give a complete look.

How to find your style?

It is necessary to find a style that will enhance your look according to your personality. Further, try different styles and pick the style that best complements you. So, it is important for you to know which body shape you have, and which skin tone particularly you have. And dress smartly, choose the design that suits you, and pick the color that complements your skin tone.


There is a vast canvas of self-expression as there is no limit to the evolution of the fashion industry. So, try different things, stay updated on changing trends, and choose your style. Next, you can dress smartly by pairing modernity and tradition at the same time. Further, stay updated and style according to the occasion. Lastly, Just keep one thing in mind wear it confidently, no one is more beautiful than you.


Dressing for University Boys in Pakistan


University life is a memorable time of your life, that brings lots of changes in a person’s life. It is a source of self-discovery and grooming. University life greatly impacts improving dressing sense and adds charm to the personality. When I got admission to university my fashion sense was different. It was hilarious when I saw the old pictures. University has greatly changed my fashion choices. dressing for university boys in Pakistan is a combination of both modernity and cultural values. So, Pakistani students mingle the modernity and cultural vibes to create a decent and sober look in the University.

In this article, we will explore the art of dressing in Universities for boys with the touches of popular fashion trends.

Trendy Fashion Ideas:

So firstly, we will discuss dressing for university boys in Pakistan. I have spent four years in university and I know it’s difficult to choose dresses a daily basis, that will give you an elegant look every day. It seems challenging to dress well within your pocket money. I will guide you on how you can look classy and stylish within a low budget.


If you select a T-shirt, it’s a good option. Because firstly You will look stylish in a T-shirt, and secondly, it’s a budget option. You can buy a good T-shirt for 500 to 2000 rupees. Follow the basic fashion rule, for this purpose you should have a black and a white T-shirt in your Wardrobe. its also good to choose simple or printed shirts in black and white colors.

You can pair them with jeans, and chinos, and in winter you can wear a jacket or hoodie over it.

Polo shirts:

If you have a thin physique and feel uneasy with T-shirts due to your thin figure, you can switch to a polo shirt. The collar is used in polo shirts, this will compensate for your thin elongated neck very well. This gives you a mature look, you can not only impress your friends but professors also.

Casual Shirts:

I will recommend you to have two to three casual shirts, you can get a good casual shirt for 1500 to 2000 rupees. But make sure that your shirt should be well-fitted according to your body. It should neither too loose nor too tight.

Check Shirt:

Check shirt is a game changer, these are best for those who want to cover their thin body. A check shirt can balance your thin and lean body. Big shirts will compensate for your oversize, if you are bulkier, you can use small checks.


Pant helps greatly in completing your overall look, but don’t choose skinny-fit pants. It is best to wear narrow-fitted or straight-fitted pants in university.


You should have blue jeans or colored jeans in the basic jeans collection. You can get good jeans for 1000 to 2500 rupees. It’s good to have a light-wash and dark-wash jeans.


Cotton pants are also called chinos. Cotton pants are also one of the best and most comfortable pants. In the same price range, you can try chinos. The biggest benefit of chinos is that you can wear them both formally and casually.

Formal Dressing:

If you have a presentation in university, or you are having an important event you should dress formally. Let’s say you are having a presentation you are well-dressed for your presentation. This will leave a positive impression on professors; they tend to give you good grades or some extra grades, I always gain some extra marks in my university using good dressing techniques. Professors think that you are taking your presentation seriously and sincerely.

For formal dressing, you need to choose formal pants and a formal shirt. But make sure if you are wearing a light-colored shirt, pair it with dark color pants. If you are wearing a dark-colored shirt, wear light-colored pants with it. If your budget allows you, you can wear a nice blazer over it. This will give you a decent and classy look.

Traditional Wear:

Well-fitted kurta Pajama or Shalwar Kameez is a must-have in a Pakistani university dress coat. If you wear Kurta Pajama, or Shalwar Kameez on Friday, I can promise you this will give an impression that you have a high fashion sense.

It’s my recommendation that you should not ignore a traditional outfit.

Kurta with denim:

You can combine cultural and modern dressing, by pairing a well-fitted kurta with denim jeans. Go for neutral colors, for sophistication. and you can choose vibrant colors for bold statements.

Some Common Dressing Mistakes of University Students:

 Mistake #1 Unnecessary Repetition:

First of all, I will tell you to avoid some of the mistakes that I made at the start of my university days. I want to tell you so that you may avoid these mistakes.

Do not repeat the same dress every day. Boys often repeat the same dress when some of their female friends that this dress looks good on them😊. Stop repeating for a full week, this is not a good practice. If you are wearing a shirt, change it with a T-shirt or with a polo shirt on your next day, this will give you an improved and upgraded fashion sense.

Mistake #2 Sandals:

Do not wear Sandals, it is old fashion, these are not in fashion nowadays. So, buy a decent pair of shoes instead of sandals.

Mistake #3 Trousers and Shorts:

Avoid wearing shorts in your university, you should have a bit of a formal touch in your dressing. Because you are not just going to meet your friends, but you have to meet your professors over there. So, it’s not a good practice to wear shorts or trousers at university.

Mistake #4 No Ruff Jeans:

It’s not recommended to wear ruff jeans at university, because it’s an old fashion. And the number two thing is that you are not going to the university to become a bad boy but to study. So, dress accordingly to look decent and sober.

How to Choose Shoes for University Boys?

Shoes have a pivotal role in completing your look, your shoes can describe what kind of dressing sense you have. I always recommend you spend generously on your shoes, you can compromise on your dresses, but you should invest generously in your shoes.


You can invest in a good pair of sneakers, that you can wear with any formal dress. You can wear sneakers with any casual shirt, chinos, t-shirts, or simple or printed shirts.


Loafers are the most versatile shoes that can give you a stylish look that can change your style game. You can wear it with any dress.

Peshawari and Kolapuri Chapel:

As I have told you above to not ignore traditional dressing, Peshawari Chappal is the coolest footwear. You can pair the Kolapuri chappal or Peshawari chappal with your traditional outfits as both of these options will add elegance to your traditional look.


Bags play an important role in improving your look. But at the same time bag can down your look. Backpacks are the best option for university-going boys. Invest in good quality bags, as it is a time investment, you can use these bags for a long time. You should buy a bag that is strong with straps.

Tip: Do not stuff unnecessary things in your bag as heavy bags lose your confidence level.


Use minimal accessories, do not over-accessorize yourself. Use a good quality leather or metal-based wristwatch. This is enough to enhance your look but if you are fond of more accessories. Then you can wear a simple light chain on your neck or a bracelet on your wrist.


What do boys wear at university?

Boys in Pakistan often opt for simple and casual styles, they often love to wear T-shirts, and polo shirts and pair them with well-fitted jeans or chinos.

Dressing for university boys in Pakistan also consists of traditional wear like kurta pajama, kurta shalwar, or Kamiz shalwar. Sometimes they pair this traditional dressing with waistcoats or coats. In accessories, they also prefer to wear a leather or metal watch or some decent chains and bracelets.

How can I look stylish in university?

To look stylish in university, focus on incorporating trendy accessories, and experimenting with versatile outfits. You can express your personal flair through a mix of classic and contemporary pieces. Confidence in your style choices is the ultimate key to standing out effortlessly.

What you should wear to university in Pakistan?

Dressing for university boys in Pakistan is a smart choice would be pairing a well-fitted kurta with denim or opting for polo shirts and chinos for a polished casual look. Women can consider kurtis with palazzo pants or long tops with skinny jeans, complemented by traditional accessories like scarves or dupattas, striking a balance between cultural values and contemporary style.

Can I wear jeans to university?

Yes, you can wear jeans at university.  Jeans are allowed for both girls and boys. You can pair decent jeans with many types of T-shirts and polo shirts.


Dressing for university boys in Pakistan consists of a decent and versatile blend of fashion trends. You can thoughtfully infuse tradition with modernity. In this article, I have explained the best ideas for boys, you can choose your style and express yourself with confidence and sophistication.


Hairstyle Mehndi Function


Mehndi Function is a pre-wedding celebration that is a compulsory part of Pakistani and Indian wedding culture. A wedding is a traditional grand event of family love and celebration in Indo-Pak that continues for many days. Mehndi function is the heart of this cultural gathering, this function holds a special place in wedding events because it is the most joyous part of this festivity. Mehndi function is the most jubilant part of wedding ceremony, because of the vibrant décor, dresses, hairstyles, henna designs, music, and variety of cultural and traditional food.

All of the details are planned meticulously making this function a memorable event. In this article, we will explore the latest hairstyle mehndi function that will complete your look with elegance, and make your function stunning.

Traditional Mehndi Hairstyles in Pakistan:

Here are some of the traditional mehndi hairstyles in Pakistan that are popular and trending.

  1. Floral Braids and Updos:

As the name suggests this look goes with attaching flowers to your hair, which adds a touch of nature with softness to your look. You can carry this style with any type of braid, joda or with open hairstyles too.

  • Messy Bun and Maang Tikka:

A messy bun goes perfectly with Pakistani attire, you can make a loose messy bun and pair it with Maang Tikka, this is a timeless choice for your mehndi function. This hairstyle will be best on Lehnga or Gharara Choli.

  • Side-Swept Curls:

Side-swept curls are perfect for a soft feminine look. You can carry loose curls swept to one side on your mehndi function. This hairstyle will give an elegant look to Anarkali Suit.

  • Messy Boho Waves:

If you want an effortlessly chic look, on the mehndi function choose Boho Waves. This will go perfectly on a saree and sharara choli.

  • Twisted Bun with Dupatta Drape:

A twisted braided bun along with the drama of a draping dupatta can give you a perfect look for henna function. This gives a stunning and classic look.

  • Fish Tail Braid:

A Fishtail braid is going to add more charm to your Mehndi look, this fishtail braid can complement traditional Pakistani outfits like lehenga, and Anarkali’s they can enhance your ethnic charm.

  • Pony Tail with Hair Jewelry:

Ponytails are also a perfect choice for Mehndi Function if you adorn them with proper styling, you can add loose curls to your ponytail, to add more elegance and sophistication to your mehndi hairstyle. You can try high, low, or side ponytails. To add a classier look to your ponytail hairstyle, take a section of your hair and wrap it around the tie that is holding your ponytail. This will add a touch of sophistication to your hairstyle. It’s a good idea you add hair jewelry or flowers to enhance your ponytail hair style. You can carry this hairstyle on an Anarkali frock, maxi, sharara choli, and on a sari too.

How to choose the right hairstyle according to your face?

Hairstyle is a game changer in completing your look. Select a hairstyle that suits your face cut. Different hairstyles are for different face cuts. Here I am going to explain the braid hairstyles for mehndi function according to her face.

Round Face:

High updos and voluminous curls are best for round face, choose those hairstyles that will add length to your face.

Oval Face:

Oval-face people are considered lucky ones because almost any kind of hairstyle can suit this kinda face cut. So, you can try different types of hairstyles.

Square Face:

To add softness to the angular features of a square face cut you can style it with loose curls, side-swept hairstyles, or layered waves.

Heart shape Face:

Make voluminous waves or half up, half down hairstyle to draw attention away from the chin area. This will give you a soft and elegant look.

How many days before Henna should be applied?

It is ideal if you apply henna 1, or 2 days before your wedding day. This gives plenty of time for henna to give its best stain. remember one thing henna color varies on every hand depending on the skin type, the time you apply it on your skin, and the temperature of the skin.

 Is Nikkah before Mehndi?

In Pakistani Muslim weddings, the Nikkah ceremony is done before the Mehndi function mostly. However, in different areas of the country and cultures, the sequence of the events may vary. Mostly Nikkah ceremony is done before Mehndi.

Is Henna only for wedding?

Not necessarily, henna is associated with wedding ceremony. A through Hennah has special part of wedding celebration but it is cultural and traditional practice of artistic expression and extends beyond wedding. Henna is applied on different festivals like on Eid or on many joyous occasions as an expression of happiness and celebration.

Wrapping up Latest Hairstyle for Mehndi Function:

Choosing a classy and latest Hairstyle for mehndi function is an exciting and interesting part that will make your wedding look next level. While choosing your hair style make sure that hour hair do should resonate and match with your personality, dress, face cut and the function. Read the guide carefully and pick the style of your choice and celebrate the union of love confidently.


How to Dress with Style for Guys


You wonder how some guys have killer looks in all the conditions effortlessly. Well worry not you are at the right place, we will tell you all about How to dress with style for guys that will ensure to turn some heads towards you. In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of Pakistani trends, we will discuss all from traditional elegance to modern styling tips and tricks. This guide will help you find how to dress with style and class.

How to Cultivate a Fashionable and Refined Wardrobe for Men:

Cultivating a fashionable wardrobe is a timeless and thoughtful process.It involves fashion trend updates and planned shopping skills. Make sure to invest in quality, brainstorm what you want actually, and what suits you best. You should invest in well-fitted suits in neutral tones, crisp white shirts, and some good comfortable pairs of versatile leather shoes, or any traditional footwear. Only purchase those items that go with your style. Timely remove those items that are out of fashion, you can donate them for good to deserving people.

  • Embrace the Classics:

Classic fashion has its charm and demand, classic fashion is always classy and never goes out of fashion. A well-fitted shalwar Kameez with decent colors, stuff, and nice tailoring is a perfect embodiment of sophistication. Choose earthy colors for casual occasions. Go for beige, charcoal grey, olive green, creme or any other settle color of your choice. You can use wash and wear, cotton, or other good stuff for casual events. Choose silk or cotton with starch for formal gatherings or events.

  • Fusion Fashion:

Pakistani style consists of blending and fusion, you can mix and match different cultural trends or you can blend Eastern and Western trends to get a different and classy look. You can wear a classic kurta with jeans or trousers. The Shalwar Kameez is the most common dress coat of Pakistani men, you can carry a coat or waistcoat over it.  

You can wear monochromatic or you can style in contrasts too. This will create a traditional and stylish look at the same time. You can also style in Shalwar kameez, Kurta, waistcoat, coat, achkan, Shalwar Kameez, or Kurta with a churidar pajama or Pajama

  • Play with Colors:

Colors are the main players of the game; they can make or break the fashion game. So, choose the colors wisely according to your skin undertones, and the event you are going to attend. Don’t be afraid of trying different colors. If you want to dress and style according to Pakistani culture, then keep in mind that Pakistan is a land of vibrant colors and hues. Add some vibrant colors to your wardrobe, like you can add shades of Blue, Black, and Emerald Green. Mustard yellow is also a good option.

You can add charcoal Black or Grey to your wardrobe as well. If you want a settled and decent look you can go for neutrals. Remember your color palate should be a balance of colors. Choose the colors that will make the statement without being overwhelming.

  • Accessorize Wisely:

Accessories can complement your style game if you choose them wisely. Do not use too many accessories. You can choose a stylish wristwatch and a pair of khussa with your kurta pajama when you are going to a wedding event. In footwear, you can go for a Peshawari chappal, khussa, or shoes. You can use beautiful decent buttons or studs to add more perfection to your outfit.

  • Tailor wisely:

Find a perfect tailor master who can understand your body type and preferences, your tailor should make perfect dresses for you that suit you. The key to sharp-looking styling is wise and master tailoring. Make sure that your clothes look perfect on you in terms of sizing and terms of finishing.

  • Grooming Essentials:

Your style is incomplete without proper grooming. You should have a properly maintained groomed beard, with a proper haircut. Your hair should be combed, you can use hair spray or jell to keep it in place. A polished look speaks volumes about your personality as compared to dressing with a messy look. Maintaining a hygienic and groomed look is of primary importance, while dressing is secondary.

How do I choose a dress for a boy?

Choose a dress that is appropriate for the age and the event. Comfort, breathability, and personal preferences are the factors you should keep in mind while choosing a dress for a boy.

Can a boy wear a dress?

Absolutely boys can wear a dress. This will add a versatile look. It is perfectly normal for boys to wear a dress in Pakistan. It is common for boys to wear dresses at formal or family weddings.

What is the best dressing style for men?

The dressing style for men widely depends on the body type, personal preferences, comfort, and the type of occasion you are going to attend. You can wear any dressing style that best suits you.

Wrapping up How to Dress with Style for Guys:

So, after reading this article you will be able to dress with style, whether you are going to attend a function, a formal gathering or just heading to your workplace on a routine day. These tips will surely help you to navigate the Pakistani fashion trends. The key to looking charming in any dress is confidence. So, wear your confidence and be you. Happy styling.


Simple Hijab Style for Wedding


The hijab is a perfect blend of style and modesty when you wear it properly, especially at a wedding it gives elegance just like a wow. There are lots of simple hijab styles for wedding that are equally common among brides, bridesmaids, and guests. There are plenty of hijab styles that can add a new charisma and charm to your personality. In this article, we will dive into easy, classy, and simple Hijab Styles for wedding that will elevate your look on your special day.

Elegant Head scarf Option for weddings:

The Classic Wrap:

The classic wrap is the best combo for elegance in the list of simple hijab styles for wedding. The classic wrap is longer than others and starts by draping from the head. This style makes a perfect frame around your face and beautifully complements your wedding look. Start classic wrap by securing your hijab under your chin with the help of a pin. Now take the longer side of your Hijab wrap it around your face and tuck it around your head.  There is a tip while you are going to style a classic wrap, make sure to use a shimmery scarf with some delicate lace for an extra food finish.

The Turban Twist:

A turban twist is a modern addition to your simple hijab styles for wedding look. What do you have to do for styling the Turban Twist? You need to fold the hijab in a triangle shape, it is best if you will use soft silk or satin stuff hijab for the Turban Twist. Simply you will begin by crossing the ends of the hijab under your chin and bring them back around the front. After twisting it tuck the ends at the back. This elegant and simple design will not only enhance your look but it is comfortable throughout your function.

The Side-Swept Elegance:

If you want to create a soft look on your wedding, the Side Swept Elegance style is the best to carry on your special day. The best fabric for this hijab is lightweight chiffon or georgette. This will give you a flowy and delicate look. Place the hijab on your head in a way that one side of the hijab is longer than the other side, and secure your hijab with a pin under your chin. And now pin up the longer side of the hijab at your shoulder. This hijab style is best to carry on maxis.

The Floral Crown:

Floral crown hijab is also best for those who are looking for the most elegant and simple styles for wedding. This is the best choice for those who are inspired by bohemian-style weddings. The floral crown is an integral part of the floral crown Halo hijab.

So, start this hijab by draping your hijab on your head. Keep one end of your hijab longer. Secure it under your chin, and wrap the longer end around your head. Wrap it in a way that will give you a crown-like effect over your head. Place a floral crown to complete your floral crown look. Use the floral crown according to the theme of the wedding.

How to Wear Hijab in Simple Style?

There are few things that you have to consider while wearing hijab,

  1.  try to make sure to start your hijab with dry hair. This gives a perfect base for the perfect finish of your hijab.
  2. Use good quality hijab cap or ninja under scarf this will help to settle your hair and secure your hijab from slipping.
  3. Use good quality pins that will secure your hijab without damaging its fabric.
  4. Try different styles, style often those hair styles that suits you best.

What is the most Popular Hijab Style?

Popularity of hijab style depends on the personal preferences and choices. The style that suits your personality and face cut is the best choice for you. If you talk about the trends turban twist and classic wrap are the most popular styles now a days. Choose that style of the hijab that suits your personality and give you a unique, confident and versatile look.

Lastly remember to follow that trend that suits you and add in to your personality. Not all the trends that are viral are in not necessarily suits you. So, try different things with your own unique style.

Wrapping up Simple Hijab Styles for Wedding?

In this article I have elaborated different popular and simple hijab styles for wedding, you can choose any one of them and slay on wedding ceremony. The most important thing for carrying any style is confidence, if you carry any style with confidence, you can look classy. You couple these styles with your dress style and with the theme of your wedding. Use different fabrics, textures, styles, couple them with some decent classy accessories and you are ready to turn the heads in wedding ceremony. Happy styling gorgeous.

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