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Simple Hijab Style for Wedding

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simple hijab styles for wedding


The hijab is a perfect blend of style and modesty when you wear it properly, especially at a wedding it gives elegance just like a wow. There are lots of simple hijab styles for wedding that are equally common among brides, bridesmaids, and guests. There are plenty of hijab styles that can add a new charisma and charm to your personality. In this article, we will dive into easy, classy, and simple Hijab Styles for wedding that will elevate your look on your special day.

Elegant Head scarf Option for weddings:

The Classic Wrap:

The classic wrap is the best combo for elegance in the list of simple hijab styles for wedding. The classic wrap is longer than others and starts by draping from the head. This style makes a perfect frame around your face and beautifully complements your wedding look. Start classic wrap by securing your hijab under your chin with the help of a pin. Now take the longer side of your Hijab wrap it around your face and tuck it around your head.  There is a tip while you are going to style a classic wrap, make sure to use a shimmery scarf with some delicate lace for an extra food finish.

The Turban Twist:

A turban twist is a modern addition to your simple hijab styles for wedding look. What do you have to do for styling the Turban Twist? You need to fold the hijab in a triangle shape, it is best if you will use soft silk or satin stuff hijab for the Turban Twist. Simply you will begin by crossing the ends of the hijab under your chin and bring them back around the front. After twisting it tuck the ends at the back. This elegant and simple design will not only enhance your look but it is comfortable throughout your function.

The Side-Swept Elegance:

If you want to create a soft look on your wedding, the Side Swept Elegance style is the best to carry on your special day. The best fabric for this hijab is lightweight chiffon or georgette. This will give you a flowy and delicate look. Place the hijab on your head in a way that one side of the hijab is longer than the other side, and secure your hijab with a pin under your chin. And now pin up the longer side of the hijab at your shoulder. This hijab style is best to carry on maxis.

The Floral Crown:

Floral crown hijab is also best for those who are looking for the most elegant and simple styles for wedding. This is the best choice for those who are inspired by bohemian-style weddings. The floral crown is an integral part of the floral crown Halo hijab.

So, start this hijab by draping your hijab on your head. Keep one end of your hijab longer. Secure it under your chin, and wrap the longer end around your head. Wrap it in a way that will give you a crown-like effect over your head. Place a floral crown to complete your floral crown look. Use the floral crown according to the theme of the wedding.

How to Wear Hijab in Simple Style?

There are few things that you have to consider while wearing hijab,

  1.  try to make sure to start your hijab with dry hair. This gives a perfect base for the perfect finish of your hijab.
  2. Use good quality hijab cap or ninja under scarf this will help to settle your hair and secure your hijab from slipping.
  3. Use good quality pins that will secure your hijab without damaging its fabric.
  4. Try different styles, style often those hair styles that suits you best.

What is the most Popular Hijab Style?

Popularity of hijab style depends on the personal preferences and choices. The style that suits your personality and face cut is the best choice for you. If you talk about the trends turban twist and classic wrap are the most popular styles now a days. Choose that style of the hijab that suits your personality and give you a unique, confident and versatile look.

Lastly remember to follow that trend that suits you and add in to your personality. Not all the trends that are viral are in not necessarily suits you. So, try different things with your own unique style.

Wrapping up Simple Hijab Styles for Wedding?

In this article I have elaborated different popular and simple hijab styles for wedding, you can choose any one of them and slay on wedding ceremony. The most important thing for carrying any style is confidence, if you carry any style with confidence, you can look classy. You couple these styles with your dress style and with the theme of your wedding. Use different fabrics, textures, styles, couple them with some decent classy accessories and you are ready to turn the heads in wedding ceremony. Happy styling gorgeous.

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