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Hairstyle Mehndi Function

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hairstyle mehndi function


Mehndi Function is a pre-wedding celebration that is a compulsory part of Pakistani and Indian wedding culture. A wedding is a traditional grand event of family love and celebration in Indo-Pak that continues for many days. Mehndi function is the heart of this cultural gathering, this function holds a special place in wedding events because it is the most joyous part of this festivity. Mehndi function is the most jubilant part of wedding ceremony, because of the vibrant décor, dresses, hairstyles, henna designs, music, and variety of cultural and traditional food.

All of the details are planned meticulously making this function a memorable event. In this article, we will explore the latest hairstyle mehndi function that will complete your look with elegance, and make your function stunning.

Traditional Mehndi Hairstyles in Pakistan:

Here are some of the traditional mehndi hairstyles in Pakistan that are popular and trending.

  1. Floral Braids and Updos:

As the name suggests this look goes with attaching flowers to your hair, which adds a touch of nature with softness to your look. You can carry this style with any type of braid, joda or with open hairstyles too.

  • Messy Bun and Maang Tikka:

A messy bun goes perfectly with Pakistani attire, you can make a loose messy bun and pair it with Maang Tikka, this is a timeless choice for your mehndi function. This hairstyle will be best on Lehnga or Gharara Choli.

  • Side-Swept Curls:

Side-swept curls are perfect for a soft feminine look. You can carry loose curls swept to one side on your mehndi function. This hairstyle will give an elegant look to Anarkali Suit.

  • Messy Boho Waves:

If you want an effortlessly chic look, on the mehndi function choose Boho Waves. This will go perfectly on a saree and sharara choli.

  • Twisted Bun with Dupatta Drape:

A twisted braided bun along with the drama of a draping dupatta can give you a perfect look for henna function. This gives a stunning and classic look.

  • Fish Tail Braid:

A Fishtail braid is going to add more charm to your Mehndi look, this fishtail braid can complement traditional Pakistani outfits like lehenga, and Anarkali’s they can enhance your ethnic charm.

  • Pony Tail with Hair Jewelry:

Ponytails are also a perfect choice for Mehndi Function if you adorn them with proper styling, you can add loose curls to your ponytail, to add more elegance and sophistication to your mehndi hairstyle. You can try high, low, or side ponytails. To add a classier look to your ponytail hairstyle, take a section of your hair and wrap it around the tie that is holding your ponytail. This will add a touch of sophistication to your hairstyle. It’s a good idea you add hair jewelry or flowers to enhance your ponytail hair style. You can carry this hairstyle on an Anarkali frock, maxi, sharara choli, and on a sari too.

How to choose the right hairstyle according to your face?

Hairstyle is a game changer in completing your look. Select a hairstyle that suits your face cut. Different hairstyles are for different face cuts. Here I am going to explain the braid hairstyles for mehndi function according to her face.

Round Face:

High updos and voluminous curls are best for round face, choose those hairstyles that will add length to your face.

Oval Face:

Oval-face people are considered lucky ones because almost any kind of hairstyle can suit this kinda face cut. So, you can try different types of hairstyles.

Square Face:

To add softness to the angular features of a square face cut you can style it with loose curls, side-swept hairstyles, or layered waves.

Heart shape Face:

Make voluminous waves or half up, half down hairstyle to draw attention away from the chin area. This will give you a soft and elegant look.

How many days before Henna should be applied?

It is ideal if you apply henna 1, or 2 days before your wedding day. This gives plenty of time for henna to give its best stain. remember one thing henna color varies on every hand depending on the skin type, the time you apply it on your skin, and the temperature of the skin.

 Is Nikkah before Mehndi?

In Pakistani Muslim weddings, the Nikkah ceremony is done before the Mehndi function mostly. However, in different areas of the country and cultures, the sequence of the events may vary. Mostly Nikkah ceremony is done before Mehndi.

Is Henna only for wedding?

Not necessarily, henna is associated with wedding ceremony. A through Hennah has special part of wedding celebration but it is cultural and traditional practice of artistic expression and extends beyond wedding. Henna is applied on different festivals like on Eid or on many joyous occasions as an expression of happiness and celebration.

Wrapping up Latest Hairstyle for Mehndi Function:

Choosing a classy and latest Hairstyle for mehndi function is an exciting and interesting part that will make your wedding look next level. While choosing your hair style make sure that hour hair do should resonate and match with your personality, dress, face cut and the function. Read the guide carefully and pick the style of your choice and celebrate the union of love confidently.

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