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Groom Dressing Ideas in Pakistan; A splash of Colors and Fun


Pakistani wedding is the best time for family gatherings and festivity. Everything in Pakistani weddings from clothes to jewelry, decor is well planned and sorted. In this grand wedding affair Bride and groom are the main center of attention. The bride and groom’s dress shows a deep impact of cultural and traditional vibes. In this article, we will discuss the groom dressing ideas in Pakistan, which will surely help you in choosing the perfect outfit for the big day of your life.

Mehndi Dresses for Mens in Pakistan; Pakistani Groom Attire Inspiration:

Pakistani mehndi events are very lively and filled with colors, hues, music, and dance. In this event of festivity usually dark colors are worn and trending. You can wear bold shades of green, yellow, and orange. You can enhance your look by adding embroidery, mirror work, or zardozi work on your neckline or overall front of your Kurta.

 If you are going to choose a plain kurta of these bold colors you can pair it with black or any other contrasting color waistcoat. Wear some decent Peshawari jotis, and you are ready to shine on the dance floor. In accessories, you can add on a golden watch this is enough to enhance your look in the colorful and splash event of Mehndi.

Groom Dressing for Barat; Traditional Elegance on Stage:

Barat is the main event in the wedding ceremony. And the most important event. At this event groom dressing is most of the time rotates around traditional dresses. Most groom dressing ideas in Pakistan on barat lean toward sherwani, achkans, or Kurta Shalwar.

Most grooms like to wear sherwanis. These dresses are embellished with delicate threadwork, Tilla Sitara work, zardozi, stones, or other embellishments of craftmanship. It’s better to choose colors and designs that compliment your look with your bride.

It is also common to pair black, blue, white, or cream-colored sherwani with kulla (turban), sehra, and traditional khussa. This helps in enhancing the traditional and cultural looks of Pakistani grooms.

Groom Walima Dress in Pakistan; Pakistani Dulha Fashion Statements:

For a more elegant and modern appearance, the walima, or reception lighter hues are trending. Pakistani grooms choose colors like pastels, white, silver, or gold frequently for their walima outfits. Popular options that have a sophisticated and modern appeal include tailored three-piece suits or jodhpuri suits. Subtle embroidery and simple lines are highlighted, making the groom stand out and tying up with the bride’s reception dress.

What Should a Groom’s Sister Wear to a Wedding?

The sister of the groom should dress elegantly and festively, matching the wedding theme. Popular options include elegant saris with elaborate designs and vivid hues. Lehenga-choli combos, sharara choli, and Anarkali outfits are also common wears for the groom’s sister.

It is good to take suggestions from your event organizers and your designers to find a perfect look for the groom’s sister. This will help in finding the right mix between custom and individual flair.  Let us her shine with grace and refinement.

What dress to Wear in Nikkah?

Nikkah is the most important function of the Islamic wedding ceremony. There are different trendy dresses available in the market. Usually, the bride and groom like to wear white dresses in the nikah ceremony. Grooms like to wear a white kurta pajama, or white kurta with shalwar, pair it with a decent pair of Chelsi shoes, loafers, or with Peshawari chappal. And in accessories wear a silver or gold color wristwatch.

Brides also have wide options for the special Nikkah ceremony. They can wear a white, shirt and a sharara with a white dupatta. They can also wear white shalwar, kameez, or Anarkali frock at their Nikkah ceremony. These dresses are available with different designs and craftsmanship work. Golden and silver embellishments are in trend on white Nikkah dresses in Pakistan.

Bottom line; Groom Dressing Ideas in Pakistan:

Pakistani grooms wear a combination of elegance, tradition, and cultural importance. Groom Dressing Ideas in Pakistan offers a huge variety of traditional and modern combinations. You can choose ready-made options or customize them according to your choice and likes.

 Grooms have a wide array of outfit options to pick from, including the colorful mehndi ceremonies, the regal barat celebrations, and the elegant walima receptions. It is good if the groom chooses a dress that will compliment her bride’s dress and give them an elegant and sophisticated look on their big day.

 Not only is the groom important, but his sister’s wardrobe selections also add to the wedding’s overall artistic extravaganza. Moreover, maintaining a harmonious equilibrium between customs and modern styles is crucial to guarantee. This will add the bridegroom and his relatives exude grace and happiness during the entire festivities. Pakistani weddings combine opulent fashion with a wealth of cultural traditions, whether it’s the vibrant mehndi, the customary barat, or the contemporary walima.

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